Raffaele Spinelli

Me in Sardinia

Software engineer

I am a Software Engineer with a background in online privacy and networking. I am passionate about Open Source and Sci-Fi/Fantasy novels.
I proudly support open projects like Firefox, Gentoo, and Enlightenment.

I did my PhD at the Dipartimento di Informatica  ”R.M. Capocelli” of the University of Salerno under the supervision of Prof. Vittorio Scarano and Prof. Delfina Malandrino.. My thesis was about online privacy: how data is colected and aggregated, through which means Personal and Sensitive Information is leaked, how a profile is built and, lastly, how to make users more aware of what is happening.

After my PhD, I worked in the UK for two years at Grapeshot (now Oracle) providing Contextual Intelligence Solutions to partners for Custom Targeting, Brand Safety, etc. My focus was backend development using a micro-services architecture and analytic system for reporting.

After that, I kept building (RESTFul) APIs, mostly in Python, while some others in Java, and focus on scalable systems. More information may be found on my Linkedin profile .

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Raffaele Spinelli , PhD Software Engineer
e-mail: rafspiny [at] gmail.com
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